18,000 Nurses Go on Strike in Northern California


The San Jose Mercury News reports that 18,000 nurses went on strike Tuesday. Their issues were that patients were not being admitted and discharged properly. Also, they’ve complained about the chronic staffing shortages that continued to occur.

Over 400 nurses stood outside the Kaiser Medical Center holding picket signs while they protested. The protest affected over 21 Kaiser hospitals and 35 clinics.

Patients noticed changes occurring as the protest went on. One patient who was out to receive her prescriptions noticed that people were greeting her by the door which was uncommon prior to the protest.

"Our issue is not about money; this is about patient care," said Robert Marth, a crisis nurse who was coordinating a picket line at the San Leandro Kaiser hospital. "Unfortunately, it's come to this."

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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