2014 Survey Statistics on Malpractice Premiums


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The 2014 productivity survey on malpractice premiums shows the percentages of doctors and the nominal amounts of increases or decreases reported for the year 2013. They are broken in to 5 year trends and are broken down by type of practice, region, size of practice, and number of hours worked.

Notable Statistics among the 2014 Productivity Survey on Malpractice Insurance:

  • 14% of total physicians saw an increase in the malpractice premiums from 2012 compared to 2013.
  • 33% of physicians responded “Don’t know”.
  • Only 8% reported seeing a decrease in malpractice premiums.
  • Doctors who work more than 90 hours saw an increase of $4,300, the most significant of any demographic.
  • Annual premiums for internal medicine have continued on their downward trend since 2009.
  • Practices that have 25-50 physicians and practices that have more than 50 physicians both saw significant increases in malpractice premiums.

See full survey here