3 Suggestions for ICD-10 Claim Denials

Healthcare providers are waiting to observe how reimbursements are affected by ICD-10. When medical claims are denied, they are classified as un-payable by healthcare payers and are returned to the healthcare providers, so that the claims can be revised and resubmitted. It is expected that the implementation of ICD-10 will result in an increased number of medical claim denials and rejections. The following are suggestions to prevent medical claim denials:

  1. Training: Practice improving ICD-10 coding skills because coding errors are a likely cause of denial.
  2. Identify the problem: Track the reasons for denials and rejections.
  3. Communicate: It is important to be patient when communicating with healthcare payers. More importantly, ensure that internal communication is conveying how documentation and procedures are affecting the billing process. 

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