4 of the Best Healthcare Innovations of 2014


The following 4 healthcare innovations were some of the Best New Ideas of 2014, according to Money magazine.

One of the best new healthcare tools is the smart phone. For example, some patients are able to connect to IGBStar glucose meter and share their blood sugar levels with their doctors, meanwhile others can allow patients to record their EKGs.

Massachusetts has become the first state to require hospitals, physicians and insurers to share price estimates. Since October, patients have been able to go online and compare costs.

Apple’s Medical ID feature, available with iOS 8 allows emergency personnel to quickly access important medical information without unlocking your phone.

A new web tool called Isabel asks you to input your symptoms and then uses medical research to produce a list of conditions. It can’t replace your physicians, but it can tell you what diagnoses are common vs. rare.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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