5 Changes Physicians Will Face in 2015


The Physicians Foundation released its 2015 Physician Watch List, which includes data from its 2014 Biennial Physicians Survey of 20,000 physicians. The following are the top 5 areas of change for physicians in 2015.

1. Medical consolidation is trending and is responsible for the demise of smaller practices and the implementation of larger systems. 69% of physicians are worried about their clinical autonomy.

2. 80% of physicians claim that the patient-doctor relationship is the most satisfying factor of practicing medicine. Nonetheless, the effects of medical consolidation and new guidelines for reimbursement threaten the patient-doctor relationship.

3. 50% of physicians believe that the ICD-10 implementation will severely disrupt their practices and cause administrative issues.

4. There seems to be little consistency in how certain procedures are priced, and medical costs seem arbitrary.

5. 44% of physicians plan to limit access to their services.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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