5 Companies that are Blazing Trails in Telehealth

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, CEO of telehealth company Care at Hand, notes that, “More than $6.9 billion was poured into digital health technologies in 2014... In my opinion, in the next 5 years, telehealth will become as routine as vaccinations and x-rays.” Telehealth companies may not be mainstream yet, but they are increasingly changing the way Americans consumers receive care. They are also forming better patient outcomes and increasing access to care. Self-care technology is on the rise and these 5 companies are quickly becoming household names in telehealth:  

  1. RespondWell: This digital health company empowers physicians, physical therapists and healthcare providers to give patients a rich digital telerehabilitation experience from the privacy of their own homes or remotely. 
  2. Unaliwear.com: This company will enter the market in 2016 with the first all-in-one, voice-controlled wearable, called the “Kanega watch,” designed to keep the elderly safe and active. “Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older, and every 7 seconds, a U.S. senior suffers moderate to severe injuries from a fall,” according to CEO Jean Anne Booth. The waterproof watch can detect if someone has fallen, is able to give directions home and can remind patients to take their medication, which is significant since 63% of seniors report that they sometimes forget to take their medication or how to get home. 
  3. Conversahealth.com: The Digital Checkup dashboard lets physicians and care teams keep patients living healthy lifestyles since great health happens between doctor's visits. Doctors receive patient data from monitoring devices or self-reported and are alerted if a patient needs personal attention.
  4. Empower-Interactive.com: This company is transforming evidence-based psychotherapy into interactive e-learning programs, teaching patients and users practical coping techniques. CEO and Co-Founder, Eve Phillips says that, “Psychotherapy is a $15B industry but doesn’t even come close to meeting the needs of our communities. Blended therapy plus digital self-care solutions like Empower’s enable therapists to help two to three times as many people.”
  5. Health123.com: They offer a cloud platform that provides patients with organized content including reminders, care plans, and direct connections to their healthcare team. It also provides clinics with data analytics to track compliance and ultimately improve outcomes that enable crucial reimbursements.

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