5 Predominant Digital Health Trends in 2015


5 digital health trends that will be predominant in 2015:

1. Wearables for the Ear:

  • Founder and CTO of Sensogram Technologies, Dr. Vahram Mouridian, believes that devices worn on the ear can conduct passive monitoring and offer more precise measurements due to the proximity of the temporal artery.
  • Wearables on the ear can also deliver information regarding blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and steps taken.
  • Products to keep an eye out for include SensoTRACK and BitBite.

2. Sweat Sensor Strips

  • Will be able to track your internal biochemistry with a biosensor strip
  • Electrozyme is a printed, flexible strip sensor that inserts into the back of a wearable devices and measures the metabolic substances secreted in sweat, which allows one to track his or her electrolyte. balance, hydration level, muscle exertion, and physical performance.
  • Offers more insight into one’s metabolism than heart rate and steps.

3. Smartphone Case Devices

  • AliveCor heart monitor is an FDA approved iPhone case that allows one to record ECGs and heart rate. It can rest on one’s fingers or chest to record an ECG in 30 seconds, and tell you if an atrial fibrillation is detected, which is an early indicator of a stroke.
  • Azoi is producing a mobile health-tracking device called Wello, which is in the process of getting FDA approval. It can measure vitals, such as ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, respiration and temperature.

4. Prescription- Only Apps

  • WellDoc is launching BlueStar, the first “mobile prescription therapy” for people living with type 2 diabetes. It allows people to input data about their glucose levels, diet, exercise, and well-being, which BlueStar analyzes and gives feedback. It also analyzes the data for the patient’s physician.

5. Healthier Lighting

  • Blue light can cause changes to one’s internal circadian rhythm, consequently, disrupting one’s sleep and impacting one’s health.
  • GoodLux Technology has launched SunSprite, a wearable device to track daily bright light intake through UV light sensors. Bright light is linked to health benefits like better energy, mood and sleep.

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