4 Secrets For an Eye-Catching Resume


Joe Konop explains in his articles the essentials for an eye-catching resume. He emphasizes the fact that if a resume is too long, it won’t be read. Konop claims that it is most important to prioritize your information, while maintaining organization. Most of what you want to be read should be at the top of the page, and the rest should be supporting information

The following are his four secrets to get your resume read:

1. Clear and concise contact information: All that one needs is his name, phone number, email address and the link to one’s LinkedIn profile. Do not include home address and extra phone numbers.

2. Brief self description: Tell the employer who you are and what you have to offer. Also include your professional field, years you’ve worked and what makes you special.

3. Your skills: Prioritize your skills and what is most valuable/unique.

4. Personalization: Be sure your resume includes the specific words and phrases that the employer uses to ensure a perfect match.

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