5 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a movement to encourage patients to accept more responsibility for their health information. According to chief medical information officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. David Levin, a few years ago the organization analyzed how patients engaged in its services, concentrating on how the impacts of overall patient experience affected care outcomes. Dr. Lori Posk, Cleveland Clinic’s medical director for its MyChart personal health record, collaborated with Dr. David Lavin to develop the 5 primary changes in how patients interact with the organization.

  1. Open access scheduling that allows patients to log in through their patient portals to view their providers’ schedules and make their own appointments.
  2. Cleveland Clinic creates patient educational materials that provide follow- up information and continuing care information for chronic conditions.
  3. The Cleveland Clinic has been increasing access to electronic patient information by posting lab results, and it will soon allow patients to review their physicians’ notes online after their appointments.
  4. The clinic’s patient portal also increases communication between the physician and the patient by equipping it with email and other electronic formats.
  5. The Cleveland Clinic has also launched a series of pilot programs in which patients can enter data into their own records, enabling physicians to track their patients’ progress.  

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