7 Patient-Centered Trends in Healthcare That are Emerging


The Affordable Care Act is resulting in a transformation in the healthcare industry to a more patient-centered and digitally enabled system. PwC expects the following trends:

  1. More convenience via technology, but this will also cause less privacy
  2. Innovation to keep costs low for expensive patients, such as the elderly and the cost of care for “dual-eligibles” (patients eligible for coverage by Medicare and Medicaid)
  3. Physician extenders (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc.) are increasingly important to patients
  4. A series of initiatives will start next year to make data, results, and finances more transparent
  5. Evidence for positive outcomes will be sought
  6. Increased usage of approved, portable home devices, which will consequently require more security
  7. Do-it-yourself healthcare apps

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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