ACA: 10.3 Million Adults Are Newly Insured


A recent court decision concerning the Affordable Care Act has resulted in the Federal Government insuring 10.3 million adults in the United States. Health insurance handouts through both Obamacare and Medicaid plans caused the nation’s adult uninsured rate to drop by 5.2 percent, as of last Wednesday.

The issue is controversial, however Health and Human Services Secretary, Sylvia Burwell, states that the federal government is “committed to providing every American with access to quality, affordable health services.” But at what cost?

While Obamacare subsidiaries greatly benefit from court decisions such as these, an appeals court panel found that taxpayers’ money is being funded into This leaves taxpayers who oppose Obamacare very frustrated. For this reason, the president’s health care law may be tried again before the Supreme Court.

Dan Mangan of CNBC says that “as a result of opposition to Obamacare generally, concerns about additional costs, and objections to funding health coverage for able-bodied adults, nearly half the US states have refused to endorse expansion.”

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