Aetna Raises Hourly Wages


In addition to work-from-home flexibility, Aetna has increased the hourly wage of U.S. employees to $16 per hour. Almost 5,700 workers will see an increase in pay, assuring that all employees are receiving a livable income as well as the flexibility to work from home.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says “Healthcare is becoming a consumer industry and we are making an investment in the future.” Bertolini hopes to have happier, more productive employees, of which there are currently 50,000 that provide healthcare benefits to more than 23 million Americans.

With the current technological advancements in the healthcare industry, the need for crowded offices and paper-based processes is gradually declining. More than 40 percent of Aetna employees telework, and a large majority work from home full-time. Senior Communications Director Sherry Sanderford states “Work is what we do and not about where we are.”

Telework also offers positive effects on the environment, saving an estimated 127 million miles of driving and 5.3 million gallons of gasoline. So not only are employees satisfied, environmentalists are as well.

Summary by Chris D'Arrigo

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Christopher D’Arrigo currently works as a Financial Operations Manager for Blackboard, Inc. in Doylestown, PA, and is a contributor to Medical Groups. Chris graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a focus in Accounting and enjoys studying the financial trends and technological developments of the healthcare industry.