Affordable Care Act to Increase Real Estate Investment Security for Healthcare Professionals

With the Supreme Court upholding much of the Affordable Care Act, this gives health care providers assurance to make the best investment decisions.

The ACA is projected to add an additional 35 to 45 million insured patients into the marketplace. These individuals are expected to increase their utilization of health services, which should positively impact hospitals and the owners of on-campus medical office buildings.

These additional patients are expected to be somewhat funded by Medicare and Medicaid cuts to providers. In total, the increased volume for hospitals and physicians is expected to offset any reimbursement cuts.

One of the key principals of the Affordable Care Act is to move from a “fee for service” structure to a system where providers are paid for providing low-cost, efficient care.

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Maya Haynes is a dual-degree student Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts with majors in sociology and public health, and a contributor to Medical Groups. She is committed to making sure vulnerable populations in the United States are provided with the knowledge and resources to best plan and care for their families. She regularly volunteers at local preschools and community centers to assess the needs to of the populations she plans on serving.