AHA Responds to MAP


The American Hospital Association has publically responded to the request for comment from the Measure Applications Partnership. In this letter, the AHA outlines 11 metrics to measure the quality of a hospital. The AHA has been participating in multi-stakeholder conversation with the Hospital Quality Alliance, the National Quality Forum and the Measure Applications Partnership to identify these measures.

The 11 criteria are broken down into 6 groups; safety, clinical effectiveness, care coordination, patient and family engagement, efficiency, and population and public health. In the letter, the AHA also promotes its own agenda of lightening the burden of meeting and reporting these requirements.

In addition to the new criteria, the letter also highlights the AHA’s success with its Hospital Engagement Network, which has worked to avoid 92,000 harmful incidents and consequently causing $988 million in savings.  

The AHA seeks to foster an ongoing dialogue on the issue, and to continue to receive feedback and consult other stakeholders on the matter. The AHA states that the letter should serve “as the starting point for further conversations that will lead to consensus on what is most important to measure and improve across the continuum of care.”

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