Alphabet (Google) Intends to Revolutionize the Healthcare Market

Advances in healthcare technology have created numerous opportunities to innovate and improve the healthcare system. However, truly reforming healthcare requires a new business model and disruptive change will not come from the government or current healthcare providers, who are focused on preserving their business model. Change in healthcare will come from entrepreneurs willing to challenge the current model.

By rolling Google and its associated companies under a new parent company, Alphabet’s companies are in the perfect position to innovate the system and offer affordable as well as accessible products and services. Over the next 18-24 months, Alphabet will be working on secure cloud-based services to enhance EHRs and increase integration between artificial intelligence and sensor technology to facilitate early detection and treatment of diseases.

They will also work on medication compliance products and services, such as “smart” pill bottles. Partnerships with major hospital groups and collaboration with the government to leverage Medicare data for research will allow Alphabet to innovate more quickly. Alphabet has the the potential to serve as the “Amazon” of healthcare as it continues to innovate and acquire successful startups with the right products and services.

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