Apple & IBM Partner to Enhance Healthcare Analytics


Apple and IBM Corp. formed a partnership last summer for the purpose of data analytics. IBM will collect data from the Apple Watch to allow physicians, researchers and insurers to reduce costs and improve patient care.

IBM recently announced its Watson Health Cloud, which is a platform intended to unite clinical, research and social data from a range of health sources, ultimately to create a secure, cloud-based hub. IBM Watson Health will improve the ability of providers to gain insight from health data being collected and analyzed daily. Currently, IBM's Watson is targeting cancer treatment research and clinical trial matching.

Smartphones created a market opportunity for memory and storage providers. This is essential, when coupled with Big Data and wearable devices. The health-centric wearable devices will connect patient's data to researchers, doctors and healthcare organizations. The wearable technology market is a great opportunity for investment, as the technology continues to evolve.

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