Apple's Next Focus Is Your Health With New Smart-Watch


The market is anticipating Apple’s release of a smart-watch that could cause some great innovations in health technology.  An article from the Wall Street Journal reports the watch is embedded with “more than 10 sensors to monitor health and fitness signs.”

Apple plans to integrate these smart-watches with its “Health” application to be released in iOS8. The application will serve a dashboard “for health and fitness information such as heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as lab results and medications.”

Apple’s smartwatch and Health application could allow physicians to more easily provide medical care by allowing doctors to remotely monitor their patients. In addition, this technology could lower costs by identifying health issues in real time. According to the article, hospitals could “save money by detecting problems early because the Affordable Care Act penalizes hospitals that have too many readmissions.”

Embracing emerging technology similar to the type being developed by Apple should allow doctors to provide higher levels patient care while simultaneously reducing the cost of providing that care.

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Image Via Mario Jose Sanchez For The AP