As Family Practices Close, Health Costs Rise


Family practices are gradually closing due to integrations and an inability to sustain the offices because reimbursement rates are too low. For example, Baughman Family Practice in Lower Paxton Township, PA is closing partly because Dr. Baughman's patients owe him nearly $70,000 in co-payments.

The reduction in the number of family practices across the country may result in higher health care costs. If people are unable to find a new provider, they may need to visit the ER, which adds to care costs. If your physician closes, make sure you obtain a copy of your medical records or have them transferred to your new physician.

Written by Caroline Smith

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Caroline Smith is currently a senior at the University of Notre Dame and is a contributor to Medical Groups. She is majoring in Science-Business and Spanish. After graduation, Caroline plans on entering the field of healthcare consulting. She is most interested in the evolving policy changes in the healthcare industry and enjoys learning about new technologies that are being developed.