Over Billing Causes Dignity Health To Be Sued For $37 Million


A recent article by Capital OTC discusses a hospital that was spotted overcharging patients.

Dignity Health, also known as Catholic Healthcare West has been discovered over billing patients. Out of 39 hospitals, they were only submitting bills for 13 of them.

Kathleen Hawkins, an ex- worker for Dignity Health was the whistleblower of this malpractice that was occurring. Previously winning a settlement for $6.25 million, she exposed the hospital for its mismanagement.

Patients who were under the care of Dignity Health were charged extra for their stay at the hospital.

Dignity Hospital believes that the over billing is due to confusion. Due to unclear standards of approving patient admission coverage, It leads physicians at a challenge. The challenge is to figure out if the documentation is accurate to their decision making.

Ivan Negroni, the Chief of US Health & Human Services Department in San Francisco, states that “Hospitals that attempt to boost profits by admitting patients for expensive and unnecessary inpatient hospital stays will be held accountable.”

In order to prevent further investigation and extra expenses, Dignity Health has decided to release a statement to resolve the issue.

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