Boston Hospital Had Trained for Active Shooter Scenario


Tuesday morning there was a shooting at Brigham and Women’s Hospital caused by Stephen Pasceri of Millbury. The only person injured was a cardiac surgeon, who underwent surgery after being shot twice. Hospital staff responded quickly and appropriately to protect themselves and their patients by barricading themselves in separate room until it was declared safe.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is one of the leaders in hospital safety, according to Dr. Leonard J. Marcus, director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative. This initiative is a program developed by the Harvard School of Public Health and area hospitals after the Boston Marathon bombings. Marcus and Eric Goralnick, medical director of emergency preparedness at Brigham and Women’s, met with hospitals across the country last spring at John Hopkins School of Medicine to discuss crisis situations like this one. Last November, Brigham and Women’s hospital produced an active shooting employee training video.

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