British Surgeon Wears Google Glass During Surgery, Broadcasts It Globally


Dr. Shafi Ahmed is educating medical students on quality care, and he just took it to a new level.  Yesterday at the Royal London Hospital Dr. Ahmed performed surgery on Roy Pulfer, a 78- year old man to remove cancerous tissue from his liver while wearing Google Glass.

For the first time, thousands of medical students around the world were able to watch him perform the procedure while he wore Glass.  This isn't the first time a surgeon has worn Glass in the operating room but it's the first time a procedure has been broadcasted live globally as James Eng points out.

Dr. Ahmed spoke with hospital officials after the surgery and stated "by using Google Glass we are transporting our future surgeons directly into the operating theater." This is just one of many ways that technology is reshaping healthcare. Pulfer agrees: "I'm happy that it will help educate young people... They like using technology, so it's great for them."

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