California Provides Government-Funded Housing for Homeless


In an effort to keep the most medically unstable homeless off the streets, healthcare officials are requesting that Medicaid funds be used to place these individuals in private housing. Under the Affordable Care Act, thousands of homeless residents are now eligible for Medicaid, forcing the Federal government to implement new methods of caring for homeless without overstraining taxpayers.

These government funds will cover more than just basic amenities, ranging as far as providing job assistance, transportation, and even substance abuse treatment. By offering medical clinics inside the apartment complex, health officials are hoping to reduce emergency room visits and length of hospital stays. Carol Wilkins, a consultant for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said “counties don’t have the resources to continue doing these projects on their own. Medicaid needs to step in and recognize housing-related services as health care costs.”

At Star Apartments, the government funded apartment complex in California, residents can attend depression support groups, personal health classes, and participate in several other social clubs and organizations. In offering these services, residents can get away from the chaos of the streets and focus on recovery.

Will Nebbit, a 58 year-old man who has spent decades living on the streets of Los Angeles with an addiction to crack cocaine, is extremely pleased with the new housing project. “I can just take the elevator five stories down and I am at my doctor’s office,” he said. “Can’t beat that.”

Written by Chris D'Arrigo

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Christopher D’Arrigo currently works as a Financial Operations Manager for Blackboard, Inc. in Doylestown, PA, and is a contributor to Medical Groups. Chris graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a focus in Accounting and enjoys studying the financial trends and technological developments of the healthcare industry.