Can A Quantified Supply Chain Help Providers Meet Meaningful Use Requirements?


Meaningful Use (MU) is an incentive to use certified electronic health record technology to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities. However, MU is having more of a negative impact on physician enthusiasm than healthcare costs, due to the threat of penalties and the difficult task of achieving interoperability (the ability of different healthcare software to communicate).

Mark Slaughter, CEO and Co-Founder of Cohealo, claims that his company will “help providers form better approaches to the utilization of their assets.” Cohealo is a Boston-based asset mobilization and analytics platform service provider. Hospitals within a system should own non-emergency devices at a regional level and utilize them on a patient-need basis, rather than each hospital having their own.

Cohealo gives providers the ability to quantify inventory, utilization rates, and consumable-excess capacity for assets. It allows companies to strategically optimize their usage of devices. Slaughter says that it will generate better revenue for the hospital, so that it can reinvest in top technology.

Cohealo proves that investments in Health Informational Technology need to go beyond the realms of just MU.

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