Carbon Capture and Storage Could Save the Planet


Scientists are exploring a new idea called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), which ideally would capture carbon dioxide byproduct before it is released into the atmosphere. CCS avoids the economic changes and political issues with reducing oil, natural gas and coal usage.

In October, Saskatchewan opened a carbon capture site that removes CO2 from a coal plant’s emissions. The project at the Old Boundary Dam will remove 90% of carbon emissions, the equivalent of 250,000 cars annually. The CO2 is the transported to Cenovus Energy Inc. oil fields where it is buried to coax additional crude from the reservoirs. The downside of CCS is that the costs to maintain it are relatively high; for example, the Saskatchewan project was $1.23 billion. In order to fit the entire world with CCS, the cost would amount to $17.6 trillion.

Despite thousands of polluting sites, there are only 13 carbon capture projects operating around the world.

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