Is This Cincinnati Doctor Poised To Save US Healthcare?


In this article by, Patrick Conway is leading the federal government’s effort to change the healthcare system from one that rewards quantity to one that rewards quality. Healthcare providers are paid by each procedure, patient appointment and test they initiate. However, Conway has a plan to change that.

He describes his goal as a three part plan. These parts include bringing down high healthcare costs, achievingbetter patient outcomes and higher quality of care.

Conway plans on achieving this by changing the way health care providers operate in business. By payingdoctors for an entire episode of care from diagnosis to cure instead of being paid for each treatment. This will improve the quality of the work doctors place on their patients.

In a discussion with a doctor, Conway was told that the program was allowing the physician to stop "worrying about how many patient visits I can churn through in a given day" and instead to offer individually focused, high-quality care.

"He said, 'This is the first time in my life I've actually been able to do what I want for my patients,' " Conway recounted "That's the kind of health system we all want."

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