Collective Health Aims To Replace Ordinary Health Insurance


It’s exciting news to hear that the entire health care industry could be overtaken by a single software program one day. Collective Health aims to take away the “paperwork and runaround” process of health insurance, after CEO Ali Diab dealt with expensive doctor’s office bills and cheaper rates when paying without an insurance provider.

Their idea is to have a “less-expensive, cloud-based, a la cart version of health care coverage” for employer provided insurance. Employees pay for premium coverage for years leading up to a serious life-threatening illness or event and oftentimes insurers end up refusing to pay the fees when an incident does, in fact, occur. Patients are left with “papers up to [their] guts in legalese and medical insurance loop-de-loops” that no one understands, as Diab himself has learned from his own personal experience. And, to add to that, not paying the bill would likely lead to “legal action, ruined credit and further unnecessary hardship.”

Collective Health’s mission is to help patients receive the care they need at a price that makes sense. With the constant increase in annual premiums, costs are “growing at an unsustainable rate for most small and midsize companies to handle.” At the end of the day, employers simply want the best plan for their employees at an affordable cost. Allowing people to pick and choose which health care options they need through a cloud-based system seems to offer a solution to this problem.

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