The Connection Between Houston’s Energy And Hospital Booms


According to Modern Healthcare, Houston’s ongoing energy boom is having an unexpected side effect: the formation of an increasing number of large-scale hospitals in the region.

“In an era when many hospitals and health systems are pumping the brakes on new inpatient projects and large-scale investments, Houston's thriving energy economy presents an antithetical scenario to providers,” wrote Modern Healthcare’s Bob Herman. “Healthcare organizations are pouring massive capital into new facilities, in part to follow energy companies and their well-insured patients.”

ExxonMobil Corp. has been constructing a new 385-acre campus near Houston that is expected to open next year. The massive facility will be home to 10,000 employees – nearly all of whom are expected to have high-quality corporate health insurance. Consequently, providers such as CHI St. Luke’s Health, Houston Methodist Hospital, and HCA have been expanding into the surrounding areas, building both outpatient and inpatient facilities to serve the needs of the expected population.

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