As Costs Rise, There Are Great Opportunities To Invest In Healthcare


An article from the Wall Street Journal suggests investing in one rapidly growing market could help offset rising costs in another field. Specifically, the article recommends investing in healthcare companies as a way to pay for college tuition.

Todd Rosenbluth, the director of ETF and mutual fund research at S&P Capital IQ, says, “Investors in shares of health-care companies can in part benefit.”

While healthcare companies such as insurance organizations and medical-device makers seem promising, investing in biotechnology may be the most rewarding. Rosenbluth goes on to say, “If you’re looking for the long term, biotech is a better long-term investment—if you can stomach the volatility that’s tied to it.”

As healthcare is projected to undergo massive growth in the next decade, great sums of money are being poured into new healthcare startups and companies.

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