Detroit Surgeon Charged With Healthcare Fraud


In Detroit, Dr. Aria Sabit, a Bloomfield Hills neurosurgeon, scammed Medicare out of millions for performing unnecessary spinal surgeries on seniors. He performed lumbar spinal fusions without installing medical devices and subsequently billed insurers. After continuing pain, the patients received second opinions that said no spinal fusion had been performed.

Since 2011, when he started practicing medicine in Michigan, he billed approximately $33 million and was paid more than $1.8 million. Previously, Sabit had his medical license taken from him in California, due to more than 24 malpractice lawsuits between 2009-2010.

Dr. Sabit was arrested on Monday, and if convicted he could face up to ten years or more in prison. Last year, the Wall Street Journal asserted that he profited from implants that he used in surgery patients. Sabit is also from Afghanistan and is accused of illegally obtaining U.S. citizenship.

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