Doctors Believe ICD-10 Will be Delayed Yet Again


Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange surveyed more than 1,100 physicians, payers and vendors about the ICD-10 implementation date of October 1st. It found that the biggest obstacle to the healthcare industry's readiness for the transition is the lingering belief that there will be another delay.

Jim Daley, ICD-10 Committee Chair at WEDI and IT director at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, warns people to be prepared for the October 1st implementation date because there have been no indications in congressional hearings that there will be another delay. Similarly, Barbie Hays, coding and compliance strategist for the American Association of Family Physicians, says that doctors have pushed for so many delays that now they are uncertain if the implementation will occur. Hays believes the last opportunity to delay the implementation was when the House passed the SGR bill last month.

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