Doctors Can Take Home Millions Private Consulting


In a recent article in the Post Bulletin, the author discusses the 2,388 payments (worth over $3 million) to doctors and researchers in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic states that they have strict procedures about such payments. These strict procedures try to prevent medical professionals from being influenced by money drug companies offer them to sway their decisions.

Over 100 Mayo Clinic doctors receive millions in private consulting fees from drug companies. However, many of their employees receive only one-third of their royalties for their work. When it comes to payments, 100 percent of the payments in private consulting go directly towards the Mayo Clinic doctors.

Dr. Richard Ehman, who is the vice-chair of the Conflict of Interest Committee, concludes the article by stating that “"Mayo is a very trusted name in health care and there would be many companies that would want in one way of another to exploit that confidence people have in Mayo Clinic,"

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