Doctors Are Dissatisfied With Current State Of EHR


A recent article from Medical Economics reports the American Medical Association is not satisfied with the current state of EHR.

The president-elect of the AMA, Steven Stack, calls EHR “immature, costly, and [not] well-designed to improve clinical care.” According to a survey by the journal Internal Medicine, “physicians lose an average of 48 minutes per day to EHR data entry.”

In another survey conducted by Deloitte, “75% of physicians report that electronic health records (EHRs) increase cost and do not save time, but 70% say they provide useful analytics, and 60% think they support value-based care.”

However, there is no doubt that EHR will still play an integral role in healthcare. As stated by the same survey, “Fifty-six percent of physicians are already at Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 and 71% plan to reach MU Stage 3.”

Electronic health records have brought many improvements to healthcare. Continuing to develop the EHR system would only increase its benefits and further reduce some of the costs of medical practices.

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