Doctors Must Capitalize On Customer Convenience Trends


The vice president of Customer Solutions from Phreesia, Evan Roberts, wrote an article about the lack of customer service technology in healthcare and the ways his company aims to solve that problem.

A study by the Medical Group Management Association reports, “30% of patients leave their clinician’s office without making a payment, and it takes practices an average of 3.3 billing statements before a patient’s outstanding balance is paid in full. Moreover, a practice will collect only $15.77 for every $100 owed, once the bad debt is turned over to collections.”

His company is a “point-of-service provider, helping medical organizations increase patient collections, drive front-office efficiencies and maximize patient engagement.” They provide the following services:

1. Helps providers “enable the seamless flow of patient and payment information, saving you time and eliminating redundant data entry”

2. Automate the collection of patient signatures whenever they are needed to comply with HIPAA

3. Created the PhreesiaPad service, which helps practices ensure they have complete patient records

4. Created algorithms to “prompt patients to complete any missing information in their clinical history”

5. Provide tools to help organizations “comply with new federal regulations, such as Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICD-10, requiring them to provide additional resources for patient communication”

By automating processes with the aid of technology, medical organizations can streamline many of the bureaucratic processes in their office.

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