Drchrono Adds Intelligent Medical Billing App

Drchrono recently launched its first medical billing and business intelligent app created specifically for the iPad. The purpose of the instrument is to allow medical practices to view claims and billing statuses from their mobile devices. Drchrono is best known for its mobile-based EHR, but it also offers apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to connect patients to their physicians. The billing app will be connected to the drchrono platform, including its practice management and patient record tools.

Currently, 87,000 providers use its EHR, the apps have booked 19 million patient appointments, and Drchrono has processed more than $1.2 billion in medical billing per year. Its latest app provides a snapshot of a practice’s financial health in real-time (i.e. how quickly claims are paid out, rejection rates and other financial stats). At the end of an appointment, a doctor can send billing information to the insurance company. The app allows billers and providers to keep updated on the billing status and makes it easier and faster to access this information. Moreover, it is connected to all the insurance companies in the U.S. and the provider can get paid. 

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