Easier Access To Personal Health Information Is Important For Mobile Diabetes Care


Patients with diabetes are pushing for easier access to their personal health information.

According to iMedicalApps, many “glucose meters each have their own synchronization cables, computer software, web platforms, and mobile phone apps. An insulin pump only communicates with glucose meters from that same company.”

Patient led groups like #WeAreNotWaiting are pushing for “diabetes data and device interoperability. The rise of mHealth and mobile health/fitness apps like HealthKit prioritize easier access to health data. Diabetes-focused startups like Glooko and Tidepool are focused specifically on easier access to health data.”

The recent “convergence of the Cloud, personal mobile phones, and consumer sensors have created the concept of personal health records. Now patients have access to digital duplicates of their charts, often times with even more data than their physicians.”

Many device companies are now partnering with medical startups to modify their products to better allow patients to access their information, in response to this growing demand.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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