Ebola- How Can mHealth And ICD-10 Help


Many people have blamed electronic health records as the cause of the initial, wrongful discharge of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. It is important to learn from the mistakes made during the Ebola outbreak so they will not be repeated.

According to mHealthNews, “Flexible and agile systems and processes (EHR workflow and training, for instance) are required. Disease management protocols should be built into the workflow to capture the right clinical concepts.”

More specific medical coding provided by ICD-10 could help with this. Managing partner for No World Borders Michael Arrigo says, “Clinicians don’t have to be ICD-10 coders, but they do have to accurately describe and capture the complete condition of the patient using the right clinical concepts - that, after all, is what they are trained to do.”

Healthcare professionals should be able to rapidly share EHR information. Additionally, it should be possible to “share more of this information in the cloud and present it easily to clinicians, health workers, the CDC and the public in abstract de-identified form via mobile devices, not in on-premise software systems in individual health organizations.”

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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