Is The eCommerce Model The Right Change For The Healthcare Industry?


Girish Navani has created a website, eClincalWorks, that “develops information technology to connect doctors, patients and insurance companies to make healthcare more efficient and consumer-friendly”, Forbes reports.

Currently, the company provides an EHR system that handles a fifth of the total number of doctor visits in the U.S. Their software supports a Quick Order function, ICD-10 search, and can be used on tablets.

Navani’s future goal, however, is to create a platform that allows patients to “shop for doctor services the way people do for hotels on Priceline.” This is not only beneficial for patients, but it will also “help medical facilities use their resources more efficiently.” For example, offices could easily fill appointments that were canceled at the last minute.

If implemented, Navani’s medical marketplace system could be a powerful tool for creating more transparent pricing in healthcare.

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