EHR Design Creates Dissatisfaction In The Physician Community


In a recent article on, Dr. Edmund Billings discusses why physicians continue to be dissatisfied with EHRs. In a recent HIMSS survey, over 40% of physicians would not recommend EHR systems to their colleagues. The main reason, doctors don’t like what IT companies are giving them to work with.

One suggestion is to work more closely with physicians to develop better EHR products so that user satisfaction will increase. However, many of these IT companies are blaming new Meaningful Use requirements for the delayed workflow that physicians face. Based on the initial satisfaction with EHRs, vendors need to show signs of significant improvement in order to increase their reputation.

According to JAMA’s recent online survey that reviewed 411 physicians opinions, 59.4% said they lost time using EHRs in comparison to paper. This number is astonishing. In fact, some doctors claim to have lost over 78 minutes daily and 6.5 hours weekly trying to use their EHR systems. Training plays a major role in these delays

EHR systems are necessary to continue bringing the healthcare industry in to the 21st century; however, there needs to be more done to refine the process of implementing and training staff on these systems.

Summary by Medical Groups

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