EHR's Are Seen As A Solution, But Many Doctors Don't See The Patient Risks


Medical Economics recent article maintains that the majority of healthcare firms are unaware of the real risks associated with leveraging health information technology (IT). According to a report by RAND Health and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), “The research report finds that health IT safety often competes with other pressing priorities for limited resources within healthcare organizations.” While the useful benefits of utilizing an EHR system are well known, many organizations overlook the amount of IT work required to ensure the system continually runs smoothly and effectively.

Of the medical groups RAND studied, they “found that the organizations with the most engagement had staff members experienced in organizational quality improvement and risk management.” Implementing an IT solution is a difficult and complex process, and healthcare organizations will need to improve their internal and external capabilities in order to be successful. Healthcare providers must do whatever it takes to keep IT problems and costs contained moving forward, otherwise their bottom lines could be severely impacted by failed or delayed implementations, data breaches, or cyber crime.

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