Enthusiasm for EHRs is Dwindling


Physicians have been readily converting to electronic health records, but few are convinced that it actually improves the delivery of care. According to Accenture, 62% of doctors in 2012 believed EHR improved care, meanwhile in 2015, only 46% believe this is the case. In 2015, only 64% of respondents indicated that EHR reduced medical errors (that number was at 72% in 2012). Nonetheless 82% of physicians view EHR as a platform for patient engagement. The three main functions that physicians use their EHRs for are patient notes, e-prescribing and inputting clinical results. The three main functions that patients use their EHRs for are prescription refill requests, medical record access and telemonitoring to track their health.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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