As Epic Systems Expands, Does On Campus Dining Really Boost Productivity?


As Epic Systems (an electronic health record company) expands, it has been pulling more cooks out to Verona, WI. Chef Eric Rupert, Epic’s executive chef since 2009, heads a team of 122 people and claims his time at Epic has been his favorite experience thus far. He finds serving 300 to 600 people daily to be very rewarding.

Chef Rupert sets high standards, and almost everything is made from scratch. In addition, pay, benefits and hours are better than most restaurants.

Epics’s largest cafeteria, Cassiopeia, serves about 3,000 people for lunch every day. Epic is opening its 51,000 sq ft King’s Cross Dining Hall in May of 2015, and it is expected to serve an additional 2,000 people. Approximately 80% of on-site employees stay on campus to eat. The company estimates that it saves $400,000-$450,000 in productivity by offering on campus dining locations.

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