Fantasy Sales League: Create A Winning Strategy

Mastering Inside Sales and Fantasy Football both require a superior sales strategy.  By following the Six MVPs, you can dominate the competition and rise to the top of the sales leaderboard.


  • A successful Fantasy Football season starts with a successful draft.  A good manager always plans ahead in order to achieve the best results.
  • The same thing goes for prospecting. Stick to the 3x3 Approach developed by Vorsight: Spend three minutes to find three valuable pieces of information about your prospect before making a contact attempt.


  • You have a better chance of picking up free agents when you’re the first to enter a claim on the waiver wire. Don’t let your competition take advantage of your inability to pull the trigger.
  • Apply the same level of promptness to your sales strategy. A speedy follow-up is the number one driver of lead conversion.


  • A championship roster changes throughout the course of a season. Evaluate performance, matchups and use expert advice to help set your optimal starting lineup.
  • Like creating an optimal lineup, in sales there is always a best lead to work and a best follow-up action. PriorityGuide™ takes the guesswork out of selling and ensures reps stay focused on the most important sales activity.


  • Don’t overreact and drop one of your better players after one bad game. Good players will eventually return to form even if they initially struggle..
  • Use the same mentality for contacting prospects. Don’t give up after the first few attempts.  The sales cycle can often be an extended process, but it’s important to be the first to make contact and last rep left standing.


  • Each week, assess where you have depth in your roster, then propose a trade to strengthen your weak spots.
  • Just like your benched players, redistribute unworked leads so that no prospect is left behind.


  • Use resources and tools, like NFL Fantasy Live or a fantasy mobile app to give you the edge against your competition.
  • Sales teams need process, too. Using sales tools to create insight-driven calling and email workflows can increase conversion rates by 128%.

Scott Ankley is the Senior Manager of Partner Development at Velocify Inc., a market-leading provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software. Scott is an expert on increasing lead conversion rates through the effective use of marketing and sales automation tools and helps companies across a variety of industries improve their customer acquisition practices.