Final Medicare Payment Schedule For FY 2015 Released By CMS


In this recent article by California Healthline, CMS released over 3,000 pages that regulated the rules of payments for different Medicare providers in 2015. CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner states that "rules are a part of a broader strategy driving greater value in health care."

The new rules bring in a multitude of benefits. First, beginning in 2015, they will increase the quality of measures on the website; Medicare physician payments will be based on quality performance measures and penalties won’t apply to larger physician practices.

According to Modern Healthcare, “Hospital outpatient departments will receive a 2.2% bump in reimbursement rates, while ambulatory surgical centers' payment rates will increase by 1.4%, effective Jan. 1, 2015. The increase will affect more than 5,300 ambulatory surgical centers and 4,000 hospitals”

By 2015, these new rules will take into effect which will help improve the overall use of Medicare.

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