Fixing The U.S. Healthcare System Internally


Susan DeVore, the CEO of healthcare improvement company Premier, recently sat down with Forbes to discuss ways to improve the healthcare system.

Premier “unites professionals from across the industry around the single mission of finding effective, data-driven solutions to today’s most complex healthcare challenges.” The company’s “mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare by collaborating and sharing information among its members on everything from medical supplies to the latest treatments.”

One of the company’s “main functions is to coordinate the buying of medical supplies for the different healthcare systems…not only does that save money, but it allows the different medical facilities to evaluate all the equipment and share how effective it is.”

The “other key part of Premier’s business is connecting all the different medical facilities, personnel and patients through technology.”

Premier attempts to make the healthcare system less fragmented and increase communication between different healthcare providers. The company created Premier Connected, described as a “Facebook for healthcare providers.” By using this platform, medical professionals can discuss the results and efficacy of the services and medications they provide.

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