Gallup Poll Shows 1/3 Americans Put Off Medical Care Due to High Costs


A recently released Gallup Poll shows that despite an increase in the number of insured Americans, 33% have put off seeking medical treatment because of the cost in 2014. Of those who put off medical treatment, 2/3 responded that it was for a serious condition.

More than 50% of uninsured Americans admitted to putting off medical coverage for this reason. Americans making more than $75,000 saw the biggest increase out of the income demographic breakdown; 28% reported putting off medical care in 2014, compared to 17% in 2013. The gap increased 3 percentage points among putting off serious conditions compared to non-serious conditions: putting off serious conditions increased from 19% to 22% of Americans from 2013 to 2014, while non-serious conditions remained at 11% in both years.

Although more American’s are insured, the disparity may lie in the high deductibles or copays of the newly insured, even though many reported being satisfied with their new coverage.