Google Glass Proves Valuable For Doctors


San Francisco based company Wearable Intelligence has raised $8.4 million in venture capital from firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures as they introduce their technology to the healthcare industry. The company believes if "anybody needs information in a Google-Glass type wearable, it's doctors and other healthcare workers" according to Mark Sullivan of Venture Beat.  New technologies such as Google Glass have not been the biggest hit with consumers or movie theater owners as Sullivan also points out; however, the healthcare industry has embraced it.

The amount of clinical data that can be displayed is amazing. Sullivan states, "This can include data pulled directly from an electronic health records system. It can also deliver data real-time vitals data streams (like a patient’s heart rate), clinical alerts, and notifications of errors or exception conditions."

Hospitals and operating rooms are where Google Glass type wearables have made the biggest impression. Back in May, Dr. Shafi Ahmed used Google Glass in the operating room that was broadcasted to thousands of medical students around the world.  They were able to watch him perform the procedure while he wore Google Glass.  Dr. Ahmed stated “by using Google Glass we are transporting our future surgeons directly into the operating theater.”

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