Graduate Schools are Finally Following Silicon Valley into the Data Age


Skills, such as A/B testing, rapid prototyping and data-driven decision making, are in high demand, and M.B.A. programs are catching on to the trend. Aptitude in the digital-age arts of speed and constant experimentation is essential in all industries. Colleges are now adding new courses in the fields of statistics and data science. Even business plan competitions are including a digital component, such as websites, smartphone apps or sensor data.

Douglas M. Stayman, associate dean at Cornell Tech., stated, “Business schools are a legacy industry that is trying to adapt to a digital world.” Cornell Tech., a partnership with Technion-Israel Institute, has its 39 business graduate students share 1/3rd of their curriculum with 34 graduate students in computer science. Their work together entails working in small teams designing and writing programs for New York banks, hedge funds, larger technology companies, and start-ups.

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