Health Care Organizations Are Turning To Mobile Applications


A recent MobiHealthNews article discusses a growing industry trend of health care organizations implementing mobile applications to improve their internal processes. Luca Maestri, Apple senior vice president and CFO, mentioned Medtronic as a leader in leveraging these types of applications. “Today companies have equipped millions of employees with iPhones and they’re seeing huge benefits in productivity, employee satisfaction, and profitability.”

Medtronic has already developed over 175 mobile applications based upon the iOS platform. Apple’s decision to highlight Medtronic’s recent success occurred in tandem with their announcement of their new enterprise partnership with IBM. Apple has been trying to increase their enterprise market share for some time now, a space IBM has dominated for decades. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, discussed the goal of their new IBM partnership: “generally speaking, I think each of us has revenue streams in the enterprise and each of us wins by having those revenue streams.” “We win if we can drive that penetration number from 20 to 60. That would be extremely exciting.”

The future of mobile applications in the health care industry is exciting. Apple will be releasing a new developer tool, HealthKit, which will improve integration between health and fitness apps, allowing customers to unlock new value. As a physician, it is imperative to leverage the power of mobile applications and other forms of information technology (IT) to deliver value to your patients.

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