Health Technology Trends Revolutionizing the Industry


Healthcare Technology Vision 2015 is a new Accenture report that gives five key trends that are revolutionizing the health care industry. The trends stress that adaptation is critical to success in the changing health care market. Therefore, health care providers resisting adaptation to these technological trends will fall behind.


1. The “Platform Revolution" Trend: Mobile and cloud platforms are working together to capture data from many different sources. The added data gives patients and caregivers a complete and real-time understanding of the patient's health, which is greatly improving patient outcomes.

2. The “Outcome Economy" Trend: Advanced hardware and superior intelligence are making patient data increasingly accessible, which gives patients convenience and delivers better results faster.

3. The "Intelligent Enterprise" Trend: The volume of health data is increasing exponentially. The increased data is allowing for more clinical opportunities leading to greater patient outcomes and even helping to predict ER visits.

4. The "Internet of Me" Trend: The personalization of medicine is getting very positive results and many health executives are seeing ROI quickly after investments in these personalization technologies.

5. The "Workforce Re-Imagined" Trend: There is now capabilities to digitally schedule appointments, share electronic medical records, and connect with doctors online, which is transforming the way healthcare professionals work every day.

These trends allow patients to avoid the chaotic aspects of the current health care delivery system by using technology to communicate with their doctors and even care for themselves. The innovative technology is truly transforming the health care industry and driving better results for everyone. 

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