Healthcare Data Worth Ten Times More Than Credit Card Data


In this article by We Live Security, the author states medical information is worth 10 times more than credit card data on the black market. Hackers target healthcare systems because of the value of the personal information they can steal. The healthcare industry has been slower than other industries to adopt robust security platforms which hackers take full advantage of in their fraud schemes.

Criminals use medical data because it has less security than credit card data and can be accessed even easier. It also takes healthcare providers much longer to detect signs of a system breach. In 2013, the number of Americans that had their Protected Health Information leaked or stolen was around 24,800 per day according to ESET’s Stephen Cobb.

In a report done in March 2014, the Ponemon Institute stated that healthcare data attacks are increasing quickly and the FBI issued a warning to providers to be on the lookout for potential schemes. The institute warns that “Criminal attacks on healthcare systems have risen a startling 100 percent since we first conducted the study in 2010,”

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